Project Title: Health System strengthening In Eye health for a Healthier, Wealthier Society in ECSA Countries (HSS)

To contribute to poverty reduction through reduced burden of disease by health system strengthening in training and service delivery in ECSA region.

Objectives of the HSS Programme

  • To strengthen human resources for eye health through improved structures for quality training at subspecialty, postgraduate and middle levels.
  • To improve evidence utilization in practice and policy planning through enhanced strategic research capacity and knowledge translation.
  • To strengthen institutional leadership, governance, collaboration and coordination among training institutions and eye care professionals in ECSA.
  • To engender continual quality improvement systems in training and ophthalmic practice in the region.
  • To raise the profile of ophthalmology and ophthalmic institutions and improve coordination with regulatory and policy making institutions in the region.
  • To improve COECS’s capability and sustainability with functional governance and administrative systems.



In addressing strategic drivers that affect eye health in the region, COECSA has identified: Development of Human Resources for Health at top and middle level cadres; quality assurance; public policy advocacy; health research; and internal institutional capacity developmentas interventions to achieve the overall goal. COECSA believes that intervention in these areas at strategic level will not only add value to ophthalmology but also contribute to the development of the health sector in general. These themes will either directly or indirectly contribute to the WHO Vision 2020 aspirations and WHO six building blocks of health systems which include:

  • Health services must be efficient, effective, and accessible.
  • The right number of well-trained staff should be available.
  • Health information systems should generate useful data on health determinants and health system performance.
  • Access to medicines, vaccines, and medical technologies must be equitable.
  • Health financing systems must raise adequate funds for health, ensuring that people can access affordable services.
  • Leadership must guarantee effective oversight, regulation, and accountability.

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