goalsOur Strategic Goals

• To improve the number of skilled and motivated eye health workers.
• To promote evidence based standards and guidelines of practice in eye health.
• To influence the inclusion of HReH in HRH policies and plans by providing leadership and relevant expertise.
• To develop a strong and sustainable organization able to efficiently and effectively deliver its programmes.


Our Core Values

These set of Core Values will underpin how we go about our work towards our goal:

  • Team Work: We shall endeavor to work in collaboration with organizations that have similar vision and      promote teamwork within and between member countries.
  • Innovativeness: COECSA seeks to promote novel ideas that facilitate better ways of delivering       interventions and services.
  • Integrity: COECSA shall seek to remains transparent, committed and accountable to its constituency and partners by fostering good governance and accountability.
  • Inclusiveness: COECSA believes in embracing diversity and fairness as an overarching principle in health systems