Mandate Summary: College oversight, Finance, Human Resources& Administration


 1) Dr Ibrahim Matende – President


2) Dr Grace Ssali – Secretary


3) Dr Emeritus Chibuga – Treasurer


4) Programme Manager – Ex-Officio


Terms of Reference

a) Shall provide leadership to the College Council and the General Assembly.

b) Shall oversee the work of the College Secretariat in programmes, finance and administration.

c) Shall directly recruit and supervise the head of the Secretariat.

d) Shall be accountable to the Members through the Council and the General Assembly on the general state of affairs of the College. This shall entail presenting relevant reports to the two organs for ratification and adoption.

e) She be the custodians of the organizational assets in trust on behalf of the Members.

f) Shall implement the policy decisions of the larger Council and the General Assembly.

g) Shall provide leadership in development of the organizational strategic plans and provide leadership towards achieving the vision and mission of the College.

h) Shall be the face of the College in national and international forums presenting the official position of the College.




Mandate Summary: Oversees Research, Training, CPD & Conferences
1) Dr John Nkurikiye – Chair
2) Dr Kazim Dhalla –Coopted– Research lead
3) Dr. Lucy Njambi
4) Dr Elias Hailu
5) Prof Kiage – Coopted– CPD and Conferences Lead
6) Prof Amos Twinamasiko -Training Lead
7) Prof Karimurio Jefitha
8) Dr. Mwale Consity
9. Dr. William Nakupa
Specific Terms Of Reference :
a) To provide support and oversight for all matters relating to research in the College.
b) To develop guidelines and policy framework on continuing professional development
c) To participate and contribute to the improvement of quality training in ophthalmology
d) To provide oversight and maintenance of quality standards in the science, study and
practice of ophthalmology
e) To develop a framework for guiding the continual improvement in quality in training and
ophthalmic practice.
f) To develop a rewards and recognition system for recognizing and affirming quality
achievements in Ophthalmology in the region.



Mandate Summary: Oversees Curriculum development, fellowship examinations, quality assurance guidelines development and accreditation

1) Dr Anna Sanyiwa – Chair, &Curriculum Lead
2) Dr Muchai Gachago – Examination Lead
3) Dr. Gerald Msukwa
4) Prof Kenneth Kagame – Coopted– Quality Assurance &Accreditation Lead
5) Dr. Millicent Kariuki
6) Dr. Seneadza Asiwome
7) Dr. Anne Musika Ampaire
8) Dr. Alemayehu Woldeyes


The responsibilities of this committee include:

  • Develop and oversee the COECSA accrediting processes
  • Develop criteria and standards for COECSA to accredit institutions
  • Oversee and maintain the quality of COECSA examinations
  • Oversee the quality of COECSA accredited institutions
  • Develop and implement COECSA policies and procedures of accreditation
  • Provide leadership in the development and review of curricula for various levels of ophthalmic training
  • Spearhead the pursuit for formal recognition of COECSA as a hallmark of quality in training and practice in ECSA region



The committee is made up of:

  • Prof. Kenneth Kagame
  • Prof. Dan Kiage
  • Dr. Levi Kandeke
  • Dr. Ciku Mathenge
  • Prof Dunera Ilako
  • Dr. Grace Ssali
  • Dr. Emeritus Chibuga
  • Programme Manager (Ex Officio)
  • Eye Care Coordinators from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania



The responsibilities of this committee include:

  • Engage relevant Ministries at National and County levels on resource allocation to eye care.
  • Enhance eye-care visibility at the National and County levels.
  • Strengthen Public-Private Partnerships on eye care service provision;
  • Develop learning linkages and partnerships between COECSA, member institutions, and other like-minded institutions and/or individuals for enhanced training of ophthalmologists within the region.
  • Create networks with the various stakeholders involved in eye work for the delivery and promotion of quality eye-care services.
  • Network with relevant stakeholders in the region to mobilize resources for eye work in the region.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive networking policy /framework.